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Every member of our growing team stays busy as Dedoose and the Dedoose user community grows. Check here for who is jumping on board, the latest on what's happening with Dedoose, where we've been, and when and where we'll be going. And feel free to reach out for an on-site get together if we find our way to your town.

Thu, September 21, 2023 - Thu, September 21, 2023

Getting Started with Dedoose for Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research - September 21

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This webinar begins with a basic overview of Dedoose, including some of the advantages of how this cloud-based application can support qualitative and mixed methods research analysis completely online. After a short presentation, your host will do a live demonstration of various features and functions. Topics covered include:  - Dedoose Overview and Key Features - Pricing and Organizational Options - Dedoose Terminology  - Data Preparation  - Importing Data  - Coding Data  Your host will also connect you to existing resources, upcoming events, and future topical webinars. If you would like to follow along during the live demonstration, please sign up for your 30-day free trial prior to the session by visiting https://www.dedoose.com/signup