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Free Workshop at Stanford Wednesday, June 26th


Come Meet Us!

The CEO and Co-Founder of Dedoose, Eli Lieber, will be at Stanford this Wednesday, June 26th, to lead two FREE workshops (plus an in-depth Q&A session) for current and prospective users.
Come join us! And feel free to bring friends and colleagues who are interested in Dedoose as well. These workshops are capped so register using the links below as soon as you can to secure your spot.
SESSION 1: "Introduction to Dedoose, a Qualitative and Mixed Method Research Tool"
SESSION 2: "Intermediate to Advanced Features of Dedoose" SESSION 3: "Dedoose: Question and Answers"

NOTE: It is recommended that if you bring a friend or colleague that they have already signed up for their free trial of Dedoose prior to the workshop. To do so, connect to: click on the "For Free" link, then create a username.


A big thank you goes out to the Jane Medical Library and users at the Stanford Center for Medical Education Research and Innovation (SCeMERI) for bringing us to campus. Please email any questions to [email protected].

~Your Dedoose Team