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Article: Global Call: Become a Dedoose Certified Trainer


Dedoose is calling for Expressions of Interest (EoI) for those hoping to become part of our international network of Dedoose Certified Trainers. We have many users around the world seeking help and, as we are soon releasing a range of language options in the Dedoose App, we see a huge opportunity for Certified Trainers. We are prepared to support Certified Trainers in a variety of ways including promoting you as a Certified Trainer, passing on appropriate leads, and, of course, free access to Dedoose.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Trainer and having your name, language(s), and areas of expertise made available through the Dedoose website, please submit the following as your EoI:

  1. Two‐page resume showing any training completed, and delivered, by you in Dedoose and any other digital tools; a summary of your background; and any relevant publications
  2. Contact details for three people you have trained in Dedoose (in some capacity)
  3. A detailed outline for a 5‐minute video you are interested in preparing about something in Dedoose, for example, ‘Setting up a Descriptor Set’
  4. Your contact details

If your EoI is accepted, you will be invited to fully apply to become a Dedoose Certified Trainer by:

  • Completing the 5‐minute video from your EoI which will be uploaded as part of your Trainer profile and accessible through the Dedoose website – think of this as a marketing tool for your work

  • Delivering an online demo in real time to another Certified Trainer (to be identified/selected by Dedoose) for review

Please submit your EoI, and/or any questions, by email to Michelle Salmona at [email protected].