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ARTICLES - Dedoose Upgrades and Updates

Dedoose Premier & Enterprise Account Offerings

Description: The Dedoose Premier and Enterprise offerings provide greater management, technical, security, and end-user support for groups and organizations requiring support at large. Check out this article for information on these offerings.

Latest Dedoose Patch Notes

Description: Dedoose Patch notes for 9.0.54. This page will be updated as new versions come out, so feel free to visit again for the next iteration of Dedoose!

Dedoose 8.1: New Charts and Other Improvements

Description: Explore your new quantitative possibilities with new charts added in 8.1 in this blog!

Dedoose 8.1: Changes to the Account Work Space

Description: Dedoose 8.1 introduced a complete rework of the Account Workspace. Click the Account button and follow this blog to explore your new administrative capabilities!

Dedoose 8.1 Patch Notes:

Description: Dedoose 8.1 is finally here, and with it new features! Check out a breakdown of the changes with our patch notes!

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