Data Sets


Dedoose: A Refresher for Education Researchers


Description: Technology has become a double-edged sword that has opened more points of access for our research, yet collecting, organizing and sifting through these data has remained unrefined and inefficient. The answer to this newfound challenge? Dedoose!

Want to Teach Dedoose in Your Class?


Description: Dedoose can be used effectively in the classroom for both introductory and advanced qualitative and mixed methods courses. Check this out for some tips and recommendations.

Using Dedoose in Your Presentation


Description: Learn how to use Dedoose's handy graphics in your presentation with the following guide!

Chrome Performance Issues? How to Identify Problematic Tabs, Extensions and Sites.


Description: When Chrome was first released, it was a figurative breath of fresh air to the browser world. Intuitive, filled with all sorts of useful gadgets and goodies and - most of all - FAST!

Updates to Our User Guide


Description: New Userguide updates are here! From upcoding to auto-linking we've added new material covering new functions and more!

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