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Analyze This! Analyze Workspace Basics and Your Text Analysis


Understanding Icons and Controls in Graphs, Charts, and Plots

When starting out in Dedoose, the analysis workspace can seem overwhelming. But, once you break it down to the basics you will see how various graphs, charts, and plots
can help you find new insights in your text analysis and bring your data to life. We have had a couple questions on Facebook and Twitter about the basics of charts and graphs recently, so we thought we should start with outlining the foundations of the Analyze Workspace.Analyze Workspace Overview

What am I looking for… And where is it again?

The biggest issue users have with this workspace stems from a lack of understanding about the basic controls that govern the visual representation of the data. Most often, since they are presented as icons and radio boxes (check boxes) people either do not notice them, or they ignore them.

In this article here, we will discuss the icons and controls to look for (and double check) when creating charts, graphs, and plots in the Analyze Workspace to ensure that you are looking at the data you THINK you are looking at for each visualization in your text analysis. We also encourage new users to spend some time looking at the Analyze guide where you can learn about each graph available.

We will be featuring more advanced uses of our favorite graphs in the future. Are there any graphs, tables, or plots that are particularly helpful to your research? Let us know in the comment section below! As always – continue to ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and subscribe to us on YouTube. And if you have yet to sign up for Dedoose, you can sign up for your 30 day free trial on our website. Happy Dedoosing!