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Converting Video and Audio For Your Qualitative Data Analysis


Phone Support Image

Once upon a time, a Dedooser called Dedoose Support about trouble uploading a video for their qualitative data analysis. The conversation went a little like this…

Dedooser: Hi, I can’t get my video file to upload at all and need some help.

Dedoose Support: I am happy to help you with this. What format is your video file in?

Dedooser: Um… iPhone format… I guess?

If this Dedooser listed above sounds familiar… as in, it could have been you calling in, never fear. You are not alone. One of the most common issues Dedoosers face when working with video and audio in their qualitative data analysis is actually uploading the file. And most of the time the problem is that the video is in the wrong format and needs to be converted.  So, how about a free tool that will make all this file conversion business easier? Yes please!

Read all about this tool and how we can assist you in your projects in our article here.