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Dedoose 8.1: Changes to the Account Work Space


Hey out there Dedoosers! Dedoose version 8.1 is now LIVE! We’ve got quite a few changes and additions to go over with our new build of our application and in this article here we will be discussing the new and improved Account work space.


We have more new features to cover as we roll out Dedoose 8.1 and we couldn’t be more excited to show them all! Keep and eye out for future blogs covering everything we’ve added to Dedoose to make the best research tool we can, and let us know what you think of. Most of the features and quality of life improvement we’ve implemented come straight from our users, so keep those ideas coming! Here at support we are always happy to listen to any comments suggestions or concerns you may have, forward all of it to [email protected] and help us create a better application. You may just find yourself in possession of a little Bruce the Dedoose mosose to take on your travels and click pictures of.


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