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Dedoose 8.1: New charts and other improvements


In the second article covering the new features of 8.1, we’ll be talking about our new charts and finishing it off with some of the quality of life improvements we’ve also made. Click here to see the full article!


All these improvements are meant to help make the Dedoose app faster, more feature rich, and more intuitive. Also, keep in mind that many of these improvements started as user suggestions, so if you have an idea please let us know and it might just make it into our next build. We are always trying to improve and evolve Dedoose and our users have always proven to be a key resource for doing so. We are, after all, doing our best to create this application for our user community, please let us know what you think, where we can improve, and whether or not Bruce the Dedoose Moose is welcome at the end of these blogs. Bruce is laying low for this blog, travel takes it’s toll, but keep those eyes peeled for a Bruce the Dedoose Moose update in the near future