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Dedoose 8.1 Patch Notes:


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Hi Dedoose users, Dedoose 8.1 is finally here and we have some HUGE upgrades with it. Let’s take a look!


With the Account workspace, our focus was to give group administrators more information and control over the groups under their accounts. We have separated the Account workspace’s contents into 4 sections, Account Users, Account Project, Billing, and Security:

  • Account Users section
    • Adding, editing, and removing users
  • Account Projects section
    • List of all projects from any user under the account
    • Individual audio/video costs
    • Project Report Export
  • Billing Section
    • Charges added to billing history
    • Itemization added to charge list
    • Balance history added
    • Exporting charge and payment histories
  • Security Section
    • Custom password policies

The Analyze workspace has largest changes by far. Quantitative data analysis has finally been expanded on in Dedoose. The following charts have been added and are ready to use as soon as a spreadsheet has been imported (for more information check out the Analyze section of the User Guide):

  • Descriptor ANOVA
  • Descriptor Field T-Test
  • Descriptor Field Correlation
  • Descriptor Number Distribution Plot

Lastly, we have added a bunch quality of life features, changes, and bug fixes! Find a list of these below:

  • Shift selecting multiple objects added
  • Make Set/Add to Set/Remove from Set added to Media Workspace
  • Change Field Type feature added
  • Exporting PDFs (does not retain coding or memos)
  • Administrator disabled accounts are no longer charged to large groups
  • Document excerpts
  • Project chart optimization
  • Descriptor searching
  • Excerpt export sort options
  • Document export sort options

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As always, feel free to send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 866-680-2928 with any questions!