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Dedoose Fall 2014 Update–Great New Features to Enjoy


Question: Hey Dedoose, what have you done for me lately?


Answer: LOADS, we’ve been busy, and we are delighted to bring it all to you….read on!


Aside from a plethora of performance enhancements that will improve speeds and the handling of imports (like evaluation surveys and fancily formatted documents) AND some sweet new iconography (don’t worry, they still all do the same thing), we’ve implemented some other awesome new features that will make some common workflow much smoother, ‘Smoooooth Like Butter.’  In short, moving through your Dedoose database has never been more transparent.  It all comes down to the reworking of many pop-up panels in Dedoose than can now be……wait for it…….

  1. Minimized/Maximized
  2. Resized
  3. MOVE

Check out our article here for a deeper dive into our Fall update.