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Dedoose Mixed Methods And Qualitative Research Software Version 1.1


We have successfully obtained a SSL EV certificate and installed it on our server infrastructure for Dedoose.  This insures both the highest level of encryption available for the web protecting your vital data, but is also an assurance for new users that we are the real deal.   Obtaining the EV certificate was quite an extensive process that included a lot of back and forth with our certificate processor, along with our legal team, but after weeks of set backs we are finally good to go!    Along with the application, the sign-up form has been protected as well.

We have also recently made a lot of enhancements to Dedoose.  Here are some of the notable improvements/fixes:

  • Massive performance enhancements across the whole system.  Dedoose should maintain great performance even under heavy usage.
  • Excerpt previewer updated, now shows attached codes and weights and allows adding/updating of codes without having to view the excerpt in the resource.  This is a huge efficiency boost to the workflow.
  • Batch document uploading, now can select a bunch of documents to import all at once instead of just 1 by 1.
  • Ability to customize the order of codes and sort via custom order or alphabetically.
  • Document titles and descriptions can now be updated (click on the document title name).
  • Improved ability to include hyperlinks in resources allowing for pseudo excerpting of external audio and video or any other media stored elsewhere.

Up Next:  Memoing system: allows a user to jot down notes and link them to excerpts, resources, descriptors, or nothing.  We should have this feature coming on-line within the next few weeks.  This system will greatly enhance the workflow for those practicing grounded-theory as well as a boost for large teams trying to keep track of their thought processes.

After that:  Training Center (Inter-rater reliability).  One of our more popular features from EthnoNotes. The Training Center facilities the development and maintenance for team inter-rater reliability, basically ensuring they are consistent in their codification and code weighting allowing for rigorous mixed methods research.

That’s it for now, we hope you enjoy Dedoose and continue using it for all your qualitative methods and/or mixed methods research.  Please let us know if their are any features your interested in seeing in Dedoose.