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Dedoose Mixed Methods And Qualitative Research Software Version 1.2.24


Hi All, It’s been a been few weeks and we’ve done quite a bit of updating lately.   People just keep throwing more and more data at Dedoose and challenging us to come up with better ways of dealing with that data.  With that in mind we’ve been doing a lot of optimizing of Dedoose for large data sets, and with todays release we believe even the largest of qualitative data sets should see extremely fast response times in Dedoose.

Additionally, we were finally able to flesh out the doc file converter, and Dedoose now supports full import of Doc files in addition to Docx, and txt!    A number of people have also requested support for PDF, and while we are still working on this there are a myriad of PDF to Doc converters out there, most that will batch convert all of your PDF’s at once.   If you need help with this let us know and we can do the batch conversion for you if necessary.

Now we’re off to finish up the training center!     Take care!

~ JT