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Dedoose Mixed Methods And Qualitative Research Software Version 1.22


For all those people working with teams in Dedoose, life just got a lot better!  We are proud to announce the project chat system.  In Dedoose you should notice a small footer has been added.   In the bottom right of the footer are the chat indicators showing how many users are online.  When more than 1 user are online for a given project those indicators light up.   Click on the any of them to bring up the chat window and start talking.   Just FYI the chat system supports the same languages that Dedoose document support which to the best of our fluency can tell, includes every modern language.    Hope you like the system, we would love your feedback.

Additionally Memo Exporting is now online, as well as a few general bug fixes and enhancements.

Next up:  A small update build to include the integrated help system, a few document import fixes, support for .doc files, and a few other work-flow enhancements.   After that, the Dedoose training center for improving inter-rater reliability using Cohen’s Kappa.

Hope you all have a more relaxing holiday season than our developers!

~ JT