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Dedoose Mixed Methods And Qualitative Research Software Version 1.3.34


We just updated Dedoose, and though it is a small update, it contains some significant developments.  Mainly we have now integrated code exporting and importing, thereby enabling full exporting and import of all data in Dedoose.  We will very shortly be adding an export button to the project workspace enabling a 1 click export of all project data within Dedoose.  Sometime in the near future we hope to add a import project, along with the existing copy project functionality we already have in place.     Here are some other related fixes and improvements of late:

  • Site QA’ed against FireFox and Internet Explorer 7, now should be fully compatible.
  • Issue fixed regarding users receiving a multiple user login dialog while only logged in on a single machine.
  • Excerpt Lister Document filtering now working correctly.
  • Excerpt Lister Code filtering now working correctly.
  • Added an outline to weighted tags, now able to see which tags are weighted easily.
  • Added a drop down tree selector for all tag selectors in all charts.

That marks the current build, stay tuned as we are ramping up for some MAJOR enhancements to Dedoose.

~ JT