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Dedoose Mixed Methods And Qualitative Research Software Version 3.2


Hey Dedoose Community,

Perhaps better than reading on, you can check all the new stuff in action in a short YouTube video at:

But, here are the highlights:

  • Descriptor Auto-Grouper for Continuous Variable Charting
  • Data Synchronization for Simultaneous Users
  • Integrated Help Center
  • Chi-Square Calculation for Descriptor Cross-Tab Chart
  • Consolidated Charts
  • User Controls for Adding Project
  • and a bunch of little fixes and enhancements

Previously, all Dedoose charts were generated from categorical descriptor variables (List-Type Fields).  For example, charting the applications of various codes against gender (male/female).  Now, you have the ability to chart against numerical and date/time variables.  Our upgraded charting engine is powered by a fantastic algorithm that looks at the data used, breaks it up into categories based on the distribution of cases across the range of the variable, and then generates charts based on these groupings.  This upgrade has been applied to EVERY chart in Dedoose so every descriptor variable can be incorporated in the mixed-methods data visualization and analysis.

Data Synchronization–when users are working simultaneously they sometimes had to re-load Dedoose to see the work of others working elsewhere.  No longer!  Click the data synchronization button to immediately update all project data without needing to leave the application.

Similarly, you’ll find a fully integrated help center inside Dedoose too.  So rather than go to the website for the tutorial videos, user guide, FAQs, and support request form, all are now directly accessible within the application for immediate access.

Descriptor field by descriptor field (Cross-Tabs) charts, now calculates a Chi-Square statistic and you’ll find all you need to determine if the relationship is statistically significant.

Many related charts are now consolidated so you can swap between code frequency and code weighting chart with the simple click of the toggle rather than needing to call up and specify an independent chart.

Want a new project?  Enter your ‘Projects’ workspace, click the ‘+’ sign in the upper right corner of the pop-up, enter a title and description, and your new project is ready for use without your needing to see administrative assistance.

Those are the biggies, but there are a few other enhancements and fixes.  For example:

  • Code Tree Order Controls
  • Excerpt lister now is now saving column and sorting options
  • Memo exporting selector now retains vertical scroll position upon selection
  • Exporting excerpts from chart selector now, always, saving file extension on windows machines hiding file extensions.

Enjoy, and, as always, keep the feedback  coming so we can continue improving Dedoose for everyone.

~ Eli, Tom, and JT