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Can you find a Dedoose user near you?

Ask around…Dedoose is still new to many, but with thousands of users spanning the U.S. and in over 40 countries world-wide, chances are there is someone close to you who has discovered the wonders of what Dedoose offers for the success of their qualitative and mixed method research.   Dedoose is a set of online tools for qualitative and mixed method data analysis.  Ideal for managing, coding, exploring, and analyzing qualitative and, optionally for mixed method analysis, integrating the quantitative data that you’ve collected from your research participants—demographics, scale scores, responses to survey questions, etc.  Once in Dedoose, you’ll begin exploring your data through Dedoose’s plethora of interactive data visualizations to discover rich and deep patterns hidden within your data.

So What Else is New?

  • Enhanced Project Importer-if you’ve used Atlas.ti, NVivo, SurveyMonkey, or any other software that exports your data, our support team can re-create your project in Dedoose for no cost.
  • Project Merging-bring together all the work from multiple Dedoose projects
  • Document Export-a long awaited feature to export documents to MS Word with excerpts highlighted and all applied codes visible as attached comments.
  • Memo System Upgrade-the memo system is more flexible than ever with the freedom to link to locations in documents and an undated and more powerful management interface.
  • Pay Only When You Play-we only charge when you use Dedoose…so you can take advantage of discounts for longer terms and for any month you don’t access Dedoose the funds simply roll forward.

 What are They Saying?

Appreciative comments arrive regularly and we never thought Dedoose would make someone ‘squeal,’ but here are a few that struck us recently, thanks and keep them coming:

‘It’s not uncommon during my weekly research team teleconferences to hear someone squeal “Dedoose can already do that?  Cool!”  Better and better…’

‘I am SO glad that you have created this software. I am pleased that you have taken the initiative to make this software easy and accessible to use.  Big win over [a major competitor] for sure…Keep up the great work!’

‘I’ve been waiting for something decent to use for years now.’

‘You did an amazing job with the software.  I will do my best to spread the word.’

‘The filters and charts work great!  Your prompt response to customer questions saves lives!  Thank you!!!…you are so awesome!’

OK, back to the grind, stay tuned for more and please help by ‘liking’ us on Facebook and spreading the good word on Dedoose…You users are our most valuable advocates.


Eli, Tom, Jason, and the entire Dedoose Team

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