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Dedoose Mixed Methods And Qualitative Research Software Version 4.1


It’s been just one month after announcing video support and I couldn’t be more excited to share some outstanding new Dedoose developments.

Audio is Live!

As promised, audio support in Dedoose would be coming close on the heels of video and we have delivered! This new component features an attractive and useful wave form and zoom controls that allow for tremendous accuracy in creating excerpt/clip start and end points.  Audio is also fully integrated into all Dedoose analytics, and you can take advantage of all Dedoose data visualizations based on descriptor data, code application frequencies, and code weighting.

If you are already aware of how video works in Dedoose, you’ll find the work flow with audio familiar.  You’ll find the same float over auto-play features in the resource and excerpt lists for quick ‘listens,’ activating, coding, and jumping to the clip in full stream context.  We’ve updated the introduction video on video to include audio and a brief mention of PDF support, so take a look and start imagining what you can do in Dedoose with your multi-media projects (click here to view).

PDF Support Too!

So the guys come tell me they’ve got PDF support working—‘come on,’ I say since they’ve been whining about what a huge task that would be.  But, they weren’t kidding.  There is some great work going on out in cyberspace that we’ve been able to plug into Dedoose.  Can’t say that it is perfect in every sense of what some people will be looking for, but one step at a time.  You’ll find a re-designed pop-up when importing media to your Dedoose project—four choices for: Video, Audio, Text, or Creating a new Document.  Clicking the ‘Import Text’ icon takes you to your local computer and you can select a single document or multiple files: doc, docx, rtf, txt, or PDF.

Whew, that’s enough for now.  Check the videos for a glimpse of the latest Dedoose developments, keep spreading the word on Dedoose, and we’ll be working to be sure Dedoose continues leading the way on web-based collaborative social science research.


Eli and the rest of the Dedoose Team