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Dedoose Desktop App

Desktop App! Desktop App! YES! We are touting our recently available Dedoose Desktop App.  Here’s a link to the download instructions for accessing Dedoose via the app. Using this app will circumvent virtually all of the issues that may arise with particular browser updates/system configuration—one example being the recent Google Chrome update that left Mac users without the ability to type into the Dedoose username or password fields.  Give it a go and we think it will enhance your Dedoose experience.

Other Great New Features and Enhancements to Dedoose Include:

  1. The new Accounts workspace that facilitates team account administrators’ ability to control user accounts, submit payments whether or not fees are due, and generate receipts.
  2. A fantastic system update that greatly speeds the loading of Dedoose projects…some large projects that took a few minutes to load are now loading in just a few seconds—kudos to the development team on this one.
  3. Fully integrated transcript linking for audio and video resources.  Import or type your transcript in the editor, sync to audio or video excerpts, and you’ll have it all in the Dedoose analytics.

Where We’ve Been and Where We’ll Be

We’ve been on an absolute exhibitor tear recently and had a particularly great time at the American Education Research Association Annual Meeting in Vancouver.  It is so extremely gratifying to have many Dedoose users come by just to say ‘thanks’…our thanks to all of you.  Upcoming visits for exhibiting at the meeting of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  UIUC is Eli’s alma mater, so he’s particularly excited for the visit.  And with visits to Northwestern University and Notre Dame for Dedoose and mixed methods research orientations and workshops, Eli is racking up the frequent flyer miles.

Finally, we are wrapping up a great new format for the User Guide along with a full update, so stay tuned for that one.

Cheers for now and our best to all of you in the Mac happy, PC happy, everyone happy Dedoose User Community,

Eli and the rest of the Dedoose Team