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Full PDF and Image Support in Latest Dedoose Release


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Dedoose 7 is here and we are thrilled to introduce some GREAT new features and other HUGE improvements. First up, NATIVE IMAGE AND PDF excerpting and coding.  Let’s take a look…
In the past, Dedoose had some OCR technology that would work to convert PDFs to inline documents for excerpting and tagging.  Given OCR limitations, this approach brought with it some less than desirable issues.  Tables or images in a PDF would be brought in as images, but the content of the image could not be excerpted or tagged. Further, the loss of formatting was also problematic for some files.


To Learn about our additions in regards to PDF and Image support, check out our complete article here.


Beyond the wonderful new PDF and image handling, we’ve made some major upgrades to Dedoose’s Application Server Infrastructure to increase throughput i.e. it can do more at once… a LOT MORE.  What does this mean for you?  Much snappier response times, fewer if any application hangs, far fewer of the ‘errors’ that can pop up, and overall Dedoose to handle much more user demand than ever before.