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NEW Updated Dedoose Support Video Tutorials! Part 2: Code Setup


Hello again, Dedoosers!

Continuing in our quest to update our Video Tutorial Series, we are proud to re-release out next video, “Dedoose Video Tutorial 2: Code Setup”.

Here we discuss getting started from a shell in Dedoose, and how to approach creating, editing and using a code system.  This includes creating descriptor fields and data, importing descriptor fields and data, submitting resources, linking resources and descriptors, building a tag tree and a whole lot more, brought to you by our very own Eli Lieber of UCLA.

We hope the updated videos give you a little bit better understanding of the power and capability Dedoose offers.  Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or concerns as usual, and we’ll keep cranking out the updated videos!  Stay tuned for more releases within the next few weeks, and stop by our Blog for more detailed Dedoose Support Tutorials!