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Break up with Data Dumping! – Reducing Data Dumps in Dedoose


Tips for Qualitative Data Analysis:

Why you should break up with massive data dumps!
This blog post is for all you data dumpers out there. You know who you are. You get all the materials for your qualitative data analysis together and you upload EVERYTHING into Dedoose…all at once. You justify these uploads by telling yourself that you are saving time later because if you need these 400 descriptor variables in the future they will be waiting for you. Then, “later” comes and you realize that you have actually wasted time uploading and sifting through massive amounts of data that you never really needed to upload in the first place.

Don’t be ashamed. You are safe with us. We too have dumped our data excessively and prematurely. At some point we just had to learn to do what was good for us. We had to break up with large data uploads. In other words, we had to dump the dumps. See how you can separate yourself from data dumps in our article here!!

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