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Descriptors and Your Qualitative Data Analysis—Part 2: How to Manually Create Descriptors


Manually Creating Descriptors in your Qualitative Data Analysis


Now that you have read ‘Part 1: The Lingo,’ you should understand the basics concerning what descriptors are and why you would want to use them when organizing and analyzing your mixed methods or qualitative data analysis.

When it comes to adding descriptors into your qualitative data analysis, there are two ways of going about it: you can add descriptors manually or via Excel import. In ‘Part 2: The Manual Guide to Creating Descriptors,’ we will explain how to create descriptors manually within Dedoose! Check out the complete article version here!!

In ‘Part 3: Creating Descriptors Using Excel,‘ we will discuss how to use Excel to import your descriptor fields and cases. If you have many fields or descriptors using Excel can streamline your process considerably!

Happy Dedoosing!