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What in the World is a Descriptor?


Are you confused by descriptors?  No worries, many people are, but they can be very useful in seeing your qualitative data from entirely new directions.


Descriptor Words Clipart


Dedoose was designed, in part, to help you manage, excerpt, code, search, filter, and retrieve coded qualitative data…the stuff most people do with their qualitative data most of the time.  Yet, these qualitative data all come from somewhere and descriptors are the data that ‘describe’ these sources.  When you bring these data into a Dedoose project, you can do more ‘mixed methods’ analysis, and we LOVE mixed methods analysis.  We also want people to understand how valuable such analysis can be, but we understand that the idea of using descriptors can feel daunting.  Well, we’re here to help and with this blog we offer up a good starting point—the terms

To learn more about descriptors check out our article here!! We hope this is helpful and our wishes for happy and useful describing in your Dedoose projects.