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What’s New, Dedoose? ….PDFs?!


Dear Dedoose Community,

It’s the moment that so many have been waiting for! PDF Support in Dedoose is alive and well!  We know so many of you have been waiting for this feature and we greatly appreciate your patience as we figured out how to dial this in.  So, it’s not Valentine’s Day, but love is in the air!

Dedoose and PDF Harmony

As many of you know, we’ve converted many PDFs on behalf of our users into a form that could be imported to Dedoose. Yet, this took some time and effort for all of us.  Well, if that was an obstacle for you, or just an inconvenience, those days are in the past!  After months of work, our development, support, and executive teams are so excited to be able to finally say ‘Yes! We do have PDF support!’



To be clear, certain fancy formatting may still not be identical to what you see in the original and we’ve yet to build in support for tables, but thanks to an awesome epiphany by our chief tech architect, Jason Taylor, this is the best PDF to in-flow document converting for web-apps you’ll find anywhere.


YES! Dedoose does have PDF Support!