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Article: Dedoose Account Billing Cycles--What's it All About?


Feel like Dedoose billing cycles can be confusing? If so, you aren't alone and today we’ll try to clear things up a bit.


First, the common confusion stems from the super value we offer at Dedoose where your account is free for the first month and then most users only pay for month cycles where you actually access Dedoose. Basically, your billing cycle is based on the date that your account was created, NOT calendar months. Welcome to the wonderful world of SaaS (Software as a Service)...awesome and farewell to super expensive software licenses where you are stuck to one machine and need to upgrade, maintain, patch,..

Briefly, in Dedoose, if your account was created on September 6th, 2014, your billing cycle begins on the 6th of each month for each continuous month of use and ends on the 5th of the next month. That first free month is fully functional, but we just paid your bill for you to get you started. If you log in at any point during subsequent month cycles—for any reason, once or a thousand times in the month—you will be charged for that month cycle. If you are inactive for more than a month, your billing cycle will reset to start on that date.


Still a little confused?

That’s okay. You can check out your account status at any time. To do so, just go to the Dedoose Account Workspace after you login and take a look at the Billing tab. The date your last charge was triggered in is the first day of your billing cycle and it will end on that day minus one, next month.

Wait, I just paid yesterday. Why am I still getting prompted for payment?

Well, most likely, the payment you made covered past due use from a previous monthly cycle and you are now being prompted for the current cycle. Your logging in when the account is past due would bring up prompt for payment and the login activity may also trigger a new charge for the current cycle. This most frequently occurs for users who have been away from Dedoose for a number of months.

As you can see, it is very important to keep track of when your billing cycle begins and ends so you can maximize the value Dedoose brings you.

Someone else is now paying for my account. Does my billing cycle month stay the same?

Well, it depends. First, the main account holder is in charge of payment for the entire group, plus now everyone has synchronized billing cycles based on the main account holder’s! Anytime we help in moving accounts around for billing purposes, we always make sure to migrate funds from the original account to assure no one is charged too much…we actually default to giving extra time as opposed to too little if newly joined accounts initially ran on different cycles.

Hopefully, you now know how billing cycles work and how you can keep track of yours. If you still don’t know when your billing cycle starts, want to confirm it, or just take a look out of curiosity, head over to the Account Workspace and you will be able to see the ‘Created On’ what date you create your account under Account Information.

Finally, if you wish to learn more about your account and are afraid to trigger a new charge by checking into your Account Workspace, we’re ready to assist, so just shoot a note to Dedoose support with your questions and we’ll look into things on your behalf.

Happy Dedoosing!!!