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Article: Great New Things Dedoose You Need to Know Now


  1. New Memo System
  2. Retroactive Up-Coding
  3. Puffin Browser to Stream Flash to iPads

Much of the heavy lifting on the tech team for the new build at Dedoose has been a deep-dive revamp of the old Memo System. It’s been over a 6-month process and we are proud to announce that it is finally here and coming to a browser near you! This overhaul comes with a brand new user interface and a wealth of new features. First, a big call out to 1) Mimi Ito and her Digital Media and Learning team for both guidance and support for how we can bring a variety of new dimensions to this aspect of Dedoose AND 2) to Daniel Loewus-Deitch our dynamic UX designer who not only helped guide on designing the interface and functionality, but provided invaluable help in our QA efforts to help assure this thing is awesome.

So, ever been working in Dedoose and wished you could tag your memos with multiple keywords? The Old: memos were organized in a folder structure, so could only ‘live’ in one place…’boooooo!The New: now a group-based memo management system that allows you to create new groups on the fly or use existing groups to ‘tag’ your memos…’Yahoooooo!’ Akin to Google+ circles, your memos can now ‘live’ in any number of groups. Further, you’ll find greatly enhanced filtering and searching functions for memos to make it easier than ever to stay organized and quickly find that one note you were looking for.

Here’s some more:

  1. Memos now have no character limits
  2. Memos can be saved as proper Dedoose documents for excerpting and coding
  3. Improved export formatting…and more coming soon on exporting
  4. Memo creation in document view via great new short cuts.…try highlighting some text and right-clicking and you’ll find you can quickly ‘Add memo’ or ‘Add codes.’ ‘Add memo’ launches you into a new memo at that location and ‘Add codes’ launches the awesome Quick Code Widget.

We’ll be blogging and producing some videos on all this in the very near future, but couldn’t wait to push this all live.

When we implemented the ‘up-coding’ feature in Dedoose, many, including all of us, wanted to be able to use this retroactively.... Well... YOU GOT IT! Now when you float over the up-coding icon you’ll see a new option. ‘Shift, click’ pops open the retroactive up-coding feature. Follow the steps and soon every excerpt in your project where a child code had been applied will now be tagged with any parent, grandparent, … codes too. CAREFUL as this is a permanent action, but you can always work with a project copy to be sure the result is everything you’d wished for.

Our best and we’ll be back at you soon with more on how we are evolving to meet the needs of our vibrant user community.