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Article: Dedoose Mixed Methods and Qualitative Research Software Version 4.2

Hey Dedoose Users,

Wow what a difference a month makes…especially in the world of Dedoose! The big news for March includes:

  • Integrated Video/Audio Transcript Support
  • Media/Excerpt Advancing
  • Document Cloning
  • Price Reduction for Video and Audio Data

On March 28th we released an updated version of Dedoose that included some huge new features and many enhancements to easy workflow—thanks to everyone who submitted requests and keep them coming as there is never a good idea that gets ignored at Dedoose central.

Video/Audio Transcripts By now we hope you are aware of the audio and video support features in Dedoose that were recently released. The latest push now includes fully integrated support for transcripts associated with such media. While we’ll be getting video tutorials together ASAP, we think you’ll find the new features easy to access and understand. New icons in the panel headers of audio and video include a toggle for ‘Transcript View.’ Click to that view and you’ll find it is easy to import or create transcripts to be associate with the media. Syncing transcripts to excerpts is as simple as clicking the ‘Set Start’ button and then clicking the start point in the transcript and then do the same for the end point. Voila, a synched transcript excerpt that will now be present in all analytic results and excerpt export. You’ll also find arrow icons to jump forward or backward through the series of excerpts in any media. And, in the panel header for all media, you’ll find arrows to move forward or backward through your project’s media without having to return to the project home dashboard or the media workspace.

Document Cloning Document cloning is now directly in your hands. For a variety of reasons, we’d received many requests for a feature that would allow users to create mirror copies of excerpted documents within a project. Great idea!...and done! One of the other new icons you will find in a media view panel header is to ‘Edit Media’—you used to click on a button that contained the media title to access this pop-up. Click to edit a document and you’ll find a button in the lower left to ‘Clone Document.’ Powerful stuff and we hope you will enjoy this new feature.

Price Reduction Finally, among the latest is a reduction in our premium pricing for audio and video. We realized that for larger projects that would run for multiple years the cost for the storage and streaming might have felt prohibitive. We’ve developed (and continue to do so) strategies for minimizing these costs and it certainly helps that the costs for cloud storage from the likes of Google are continuously dropping as well. At this point, for example, we’ve been able to shave more than half off the costs for active video in a project and we’ll continually work toward additional price reductions that we will immediately pass on to any project using these features. Also, as many users have found, we are a sympathetic academic bunch who are always happy to negotiate additional discounting for larger groups of Dedoose users or for project with large sets of audio and/or video resources.

Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboarding has been enabled for some of the most frequent audio and video excerpt activities:

  • Ctrl + P to toggle play/pause
  • Ctrl + Q to create an excerpt
  • Ctrl + + or Ctrl + - to move back and forward in the media player
  • Ctrl + Alt + +/- to move back and forward in larger increments
  • Ctrl + left or right arrow to move to the previous or next excerpt

Training and Presenting Activities We’ve been busy recently hitting the road and airwaves with Dedoose. Dedoose has been well received via Webinars with the American Evaluation Association and groups at MDRC and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and during recent visits to Emerson College and Stanford. More of the same to come in April, May, and into the summer months—for example, we’ll be in Vancouver for the American Educational Research Association meeting, San Diego for a meeting of the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges, and at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana for the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (Eli’s particularly excited to return to his alma mater).

Low cost or free trainings/workshops anyone? We are happy to hear from any group interested in having us visit in-person or via a web-meeting. With our busy travel schedule, we’d be pleased to pop-in if our itinerary brings us to your neighborhood, so just let us know and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate.

And from all of us at Dedoose….Welcome to Springtime—a great time to be Dedoosing